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Dear visitor and hopefully soon to become fan,

Plasteline is a record label/publishing house based in Munich Germany, founded in 2006 by Chris Martinis. During its first three years, Plasteline released ten singles plus two full-length albums by artists from around the world. The musical focus of the label has always been underground house and techno, as well as variations and combinations of the afore mentioned styles. Always concerning the electronic dance floor, Plasteline kept going for a while until it was forced to pause its label activities in 2010 and for the next three years to come. During that time a lot of life changing events were shaping the future and existence of the label and its founder. Having moved to Athens Greece, Chris did engage with the local branch of SAE Institute at which presently he is working as the Academic Coordinator for the MA/MSc Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries). Consider this load of work plus the fact that Greece still struggles economically and socially and you get the picture. Nevertheless, great things were meant to happen, and so it evolved that the label started fresh and redesigned.

For those of you wondering what the design of the old website looked like, please visit and have a look around. Feel free to register if you like; every contact email is directed to Plasteline’s current inbox and will be treated with respect and solely for your info regarding label activities. Also in case you register, make sure to check your bonus page for free .mp3 downloads.

Anyways, we are ready to rock the boat again and by ‘we’ I mean the Martini siblings. Straight out of Munich and Athens. Lots of goodies are on their way, with much-appreciated support from Press&Play.

For the time being future releases are planned in digital format only, but some of the past releases are available on vinyl too.